What We Do

Wine Opinions offers numerous quantitative and qualitative research services for wine producers, wine marketers, and trade association clients.  Our research draws on our proprietary panels of wine consumers and members of the wine trade, as well as the leading national sources of consumer respondents.

Quantitative Research

We offer online surveys based on our trade or consumer panels, client databases, and respondents recruited from the leading national survey population providers.

All our surveys are “scalable” in length to suit client learning objectives and budgets.

Our nationally representative trade panel numbers more than 4,700 members in all tiers of the trade.  Our consumer panel is also nationally representative and is comprised of more than 20,000 U.S. wine consumers, 86% of whom are high frequency wine drinkers – the consumer segment that drives the wine market.

Consumer respondents can also be sourced from leading commercial panels, tailored to client needs.

Full-length and half-length consumer surveys are designed to most efficiently and effectively serve our clients.

Reporting is based on consumer or trade segmentations and analysis designed to meet survey learning objectives.

Qualitative Research – Online Discussion Groups

Online discussion group research among selected members of the Wine Opinions trade or consumer panels combines quantitative and qualitative methodologies to provide insights from robust and far-ranging discussion among highly qualified participants as well as quantitative data points illustrating trade or consumer sentiment and behaviors on topics most relevant to our clients’ learning objectives.

These projects begin with an “Issues and Screening” survey issued to the entire trade or consumer panel, followed by a three-day online discussion among the most qualified panel members.  Discussion groups may include panelists from any number of major markets in the U.S.  The discussions are monitored and may be interactively accessed by our clients from any location.

Qualitative Research – Online Wine Evaluations

Brief online screening surveys are issued to members of the Wine Opinions consumer panel to select participants with trial, usage, or purchase of client and/or competitor wines. Selected participants are then sent masked samples of the wines to be tasted, along with tasting instructions. Participants complete online evaluation forms based on their in-home tastings.

An optional two-day online discussion group among tasting participants may be added, and may include topics such as price and value estimations, purchase intent, usage occasions, and packaging or label design alternatives.

Qualitative Research – Focus groups

In-person consumer focus groups are conducted in all major markets.  Participants may be recruited from the Wine Opinions panel members in that market.  Custom screening of participants from the consumer databases of facility providers may also be accomplished.  Moderated wine tastings may be included in the focus groups.

Custom Research

Wine Opinions performs market research, analysis, and reporting based on client and commercial sources of sales, shipment, and trending data.  One-on-one trade interviews are offered, as well as consumer intercept iPad surveys or interviews in winery tasting rooms, wine shops, at wine events, or other venues.

Collaboration with market data providers such as Nielsen, Wine.com, bw166, Gomberg-Fredrikson, and SipSource can provide data and insights which – combined with Wine Opinions trade or consumer research – yield the most comprehensive and authoritative views of the U.S. wine market for our clients.