An Unmatched Client Roster

Wine Opinions serves more wineries, wine marketers, and wine trade associations than any other provider of U.S. wine market research.  We work with wineries, wine producers and marketers of all sizes, including several of the top ten wine producing companies in the U.S.  Among our clients are trade associations from nearly every wine producing country in the world and many renowned wine regions.


Recent Project – August Wine Group

Prior to the launch in 2018 of a new Prosecco-based spritzer brand produced in Italy, Wine Opinions conducted a series of consumer research initiatives for the August Wine Group, to validate target audience interest in the products and fine-tune the packaging and branding concepts.

An online survey of the Wine Opinions national consumer panel was conducted to establish baselines of wine spritzer awareness and usage, as well as purchase interest for single-serve canned wines.  Results were analyzed by demographic and usage segments, as well as purchase frequencies by retail channel.  Packaging alternatives were also reviewed and evaluated.

Based on the survey findings, a second round of research consisted of several in-person focus groups among target audience consumers in Seattle and Dallas.  The groups participated in product tastings, packaging alternative reviews, and discussions of potential purchase intent and usage occasions.

Recent Project – Folio Fine Wine Partners

An online discussion group among members of the U.S. wine trade was conducted for Folio Fine Wine partners to assess trade perceptions of the Crios brand of wines from Argentina.  An “Issues and Screening” survey was administered to the entire national trade panel of Wine Opinions, to capture broad wine trade perceptions of the Crios brand among its competitor set of wines from Argentina as well as current trends in the sales of wines from Argentina and the market challenges facing leading Argentine wine brands.

A three-day online discussion followed (among selected on-premise, off-premise and distributor panel members) to discuss in detail the issues most relevant to enhancing the position of Crios wines in the market.  The panel included those who sell the Crios brand and several selling competitor brands, but not Crios.  The focus was on brand positioning and evolution, including review and evaluation of potential revisions to Crios labels.

Recent Project – Banfi Vintners

For the Centine Rosso wine brand from Tuscany, Banfi worked with Wine Opinions to develop and conduct a thorough packaging evaluation and review of three potential new labels and packages in comparison to the current package.

A survey of the Wine Opinions national consumer panel was conducted, using multiple-cell testing of the four alternatives to determine the potential of each.  Target audience assumptions were also tested, including a sizeable segment of those with trial and/or purchase of the current package.

The survey included a round of testing of graphic “shelf sets” of each of the four packaging alternatives among competitor brands.  Price assumptions and purchase interest in the four packages were obtained.  Open-ended questions allowed analysis of verbatim consumer commentary on impressions of each of the packages tested, to balance and enhance the quantitative findings.