An Unmatched Client Roster

Wine Opinions serves more wineries, wine marketers, and wine trade associations than any other provider of U.S. wine market research.  We work with wineries, wine producers and marketers of all sizes, including several of the top ten wine producing companies in the U.S.  Among our clients are trade associations from nearly every wine producing country in the world and many renowned wine regions.


Recent Project – APCOR

The Portuguese Cork Association and the Cork Quality Council recently worked with Wine Opinions to conduct an online quantitative survey of U.S. wine consumers. The primary objective of the study was to determine consumer preferences among the leading types of wine bottle closures. More than 1,500 members of the Wine Opinions national consumer panel took this survey. Closure preferences by wine type and price segment were detailed, as well as preferences expressed for differing types of usage occasions. The survey also identified purchase situations where “no preference” was a significant factor. Survey results were analyzed and reported by consumer segments including high frequency wine drinkers and those who frequently purchase wines costing $20 or more at retail.

Recent Project – Garnacha/Grenache

The leading producing regions of Garnacha and Grenache wines in Spain and France are working with Wine Opinions on a 3-year project to measure the effectiveness of a new campaign promoting these wines. The first year objectives were to establish baselines of U.S. wine consumer awareness and usage of these wines, as well as U.S. wine trade perceptions and opinions on how best to promote them. Online surveys of both U.S. and Canadian wine drinkers were conducted to determine current levels of awareness, usage, and quality perceptions of Garnacha and Grenache wines. A series of one-on-one interviews with leading members of the wine trade in major markets revealed wine trade current views on these wines and establishment of the most significant barriers and opportunities for increased placement and growth of market share for Garnacha and Grenache wines in the U.S.

Recent Project – Kaiken Premium Wines

For this brand of wines from Argentina, Wine Opinions conducted an online screening survey of members of our U.S. wine trade panel focused on the distributor, retailer, and on-premise tiers of the trade to obtain perspectives on the market for wines from Argentina in general and Kaiken wines in particular. Volunteers from those taking the screening survey then participated in an online discussion group. This qualitative phase of research moved beyond general views of the market for wines from Argentina and the Kaiken brand to focus on key issues of market positioning, the competitive landscape of leading Argentinean wine brands, and an assessment of packaging alternatives for Kaiken Reserva Malbec.