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Wine Opinions is the number one provider of U.S. wine market trade and consumer research to wine producers, marketers, and trade associations around the globe. We work with wineries, wine producers and marketers ranging from small independents to renowned estates and several of the world’s leading wine companies.


Recent Project: Wines of Provence

A multi-phase research project was commissioned in late 2019 by the Interprofessional Committee of the Wines of Provence in support of its ongoing U.S. campaign supporting the sales and marketing of rosé wines from Provence. The project goals were to assess the reach and effectiveness of campaign messaging and gain insights on the buying habits and taste preferences of target audience U.S. consumers.

Wine Opinions screened its panel of more than 20,000 U.S. wine consumers to identify and recruit selected rosé buyers for an online three-day discussion of their attitudes and usage of rosé wines across leading price segments and from prominent producing regions and countries. Focus was placed on participant experiences with Provence rosé.

An online survey of the Wine Opinions panel followed the qualitative research and was augmented with an over-sample of frequent buyers of rosé wines. The survey built on the learnings of the discussion group and provided statistically significant findings and insights on the evaluative issues most critical to the ongoing U.S. campaign.

Recent Project – National Interprofessional Bureau of Cognac

As part of an on-going evaluation of the promotional activities undertaken on behalf of the BNIC in the U.S., Wine Opinions most recently conducted an annual tracking survey of members of its national panel of the U.S. wine trade, with a focus on spirits specialists in the off-premise and on-premise tiers, including bars and nightclubs.

An online survey of trade members with Cognac sales experience, including attendance at Cognac tastings and events, and annual trade events such as Tales of the Cocktail, provided data on U.S. trade knowledge of Cognac quality standards and their observations of usage of V.S., V.S.O.P., and X.O. Cognacs.

The findings of the 2020 survey were presented in comparison to results of a baseline survey conducted by Wine Opinions in 2018 and a tracking study completed in 2019. These insights served to evaluate the promotional tactics of the Cognac campaign and the evolution of trade understanding and engagement with Cognac.

Recent Project – Castello del Poggio

Working with the U.S. marketing team at 1821 Fine Wines and Spirits, along with the directors at Zonin1821 in Italy, Wine Opinions conducted an extensive two-phase research project evaluating new packaging alternatives for Castello del Poggio Moscato.

An online discussion group among buyers of Castello del Poggio and competing brands of Moscato yielded valuable brand positioning perceptions and an evaluation of current packaging likes and dislikes.

The online survey that followed yielded over 2,200 respondents, with significant sample sizes of those with Castello del Poggio and competitor brand usage as well as those making regular purchases of still and sparkling Moscato wines. Four alternative packages were tested individually, as a group, and in their competitive brand sets. The results provided definitive guidance in the final packaging decision.